System Development

Our role is to carefully identify the various factors and prepare the best resources to meet the needs of our clients and realize the answers. As IT consultants who accompany your company’s growth, we provide a wide range of support from long-term project development to operation.

Data Center Facilities

Based on our extensive track record and experience in various locations, we provide one-stop high quality services.

We provide a high-quality service environment tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Global Locations

We have offices in Tokyo, Japan and Orange County, California. In order to promote more diverse development and to maximize performance, we have established offices in two countries and have a proven track record of growing together with our clients.

Data Center Service

Our data centers deliver high performance, network reliability, redundancy and low latency while meeting all certification and compliance standards.


-Japan : 2 locations in Tokyo
-ASIA : Taiwan, Hong Kong
-USA  : LA, Silicon valley, Texas


Our colocation services protect your mission-critical data with robust security and high operational reliability.


-24/7 On-site support
-Work with procedures (on-site, remote)
-Alive Monitoring


Implementing advanced security equipment, techniques and procedures to control and monitor access to the data center.

-Managed Service Provider
-Cloud Service

We provide a one-stop service from the initial survey of the server to its operation.

Propose the best improvement plan for your system

Monitor all layers – physical, network, process, and middleware – and respond immediately to failures and analyze the causes of any improvements found in the IT system.

Server Tuning
Optimal Settings

Through monitoring of machine resources, we can identify configurations that are bottlenecks and tune the server for best performance depending on the system’s operating conditions.

Web and DB, mail server settings

In addition to the basic configuration, we can provide optimal tuning based on system requirements, such as machine specifications and number of simultaneous accesses, to ensure maximum performance.

Disaster Isolation and Recovery

If any failure occurs, we can quickly identify the cause of the failure and restore the system, as well as provide preventive measures.

Extensive experience in EC site construction and EC system development

We have examples of comprehensive support for the construction of EC business platforms, including EC sites and EC systems for a number of products.

Based on the future vision for the EC business, we plan the site and system to realize business growth, and provide comprehensive support from construction to operation.

We can make proposals based on our extensive track record, including planning and production of site content, order management operations for products, and support for site promotion.

Supported Technologies

Web application development using proprietary frameworks
Language : PHP, JavaScript
Database : MySQL
Frameworks : ZendFramework, jQuery, Ajax,CakePHP, proprietary frameworks
Container : Apache
Other Platform: AWS, Shopify, WordPress


Our MTA is best engine and solution
for Email marketing

This system can be implemented by simply changing the email server’s emailing destination from your existing system.

Our email delivery system has been adopted by many companies in various industries.

We offer a wide range of plans, from low-cost cloud versions to dedicated servers.
Whatever your needs, contact us for all your email marketing needs.

Our Vision

Our goal is to build a global company while leveraging the systems, manufacturing, sales,
and advertising that we work on ourselves and our group company’s U.S. location.
We aim to build a global company by utilizing our group company’s base in the U.S. (California),
purchasing information and products in the U.S., building our own web system,
planning and developing products, manufacturing, sales, advertising, etc…

We are always striving to provide new services by utilizing various resources.

Group Company


We strive to play a role as an intermediary in the process of providing details of cutting-edge technologies and products in an easy-to-understand manner, leading up to the mention of our products.

1-36-7-4F shinjuku, shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, Japan 160-0022

Japan Technology, Inc

Based in the U.S., which is at the forefront of the e-cigarette trend, we procure the latest information as quickly as possible. We also coordinate product procurement with overseas e-cigarette manufacturers.

18092 Sky Park Circle,
Suite C (Bldg.51),Irvine, CA 92614


5000 Birch St, Suite 3000

Newport Beach, CA 92660


+1949 529 4674

Company Profile

Company Name : Social Mind Corporation,Inc.

Address : 5000 Birch St, Suite 3000 Newport Beach, CA 92660 USA

Contact Email :

Founded : Jun 23 2011

CEO: Shotaro Mizoguchi

Capital : 10 thousand dollars